I need help. What should I do?

Please contact our team at (312) 312-3867. We will schedule for you a free consultation.

How does the admission process work?

You will meet with our Admissions Team after you've decided to join GIA. We will ask you several demographic, mental health, and medical questions throughout the admission and intake procedure. This will help us understand who you are and learn about your unique needs and goals. The questions can be completed in person, over a teleconference, or over the phone – whichever you prefer.

What paperwork do I need for admission? What should I expect at the time of admission?

The only paperwork you will need is one form of ID (a driver’s license, a passport, etc.), and the information of your insurance card, if applicable.

Our major objective is to get to know you and work with you as your mental health counselor. The more information you want to give us, the better we will understand you. So, you are welcome to submit any relevant medical documents from prior or current providers that you wish to discuss with us. However, this is not required.

Can my family members, friends, or an advocate accompany me to admission/treatment?

Yes! At any point in their journey, we encourage individuals to bring whomever they are comfortable with to their admittance and treatment visits.

Do I need an appointment for admission? Do you accept walk in appointments?

Yes, we welcome walk-in patients. However, to schedule a free consultation, we strongly suggest that you call us. This will minimize any lengthy waiting periods.

Is GIA Chicago in-network with my insurance provider?

GIA Chicago is proud to be in-network with several insurance payors including Aetna, Cigna, Blue Cross Blue Shield of Illinois and United Health Care. We understand the importance of making healthcare affordable and accessible, and being in-network allows us to better serve you.

How can I verify my insurance coverage?

To confirm your insurance coverage and explore the benefits available to you, please contact our dedicated team. We are here to assist you in navigating the complexities of insurance and ensuring a seamless experience.

Payment Options and Financial Assistance

At GIA Chicago, we recognize that managing healthcare expenses is a concern for many. We want to assure you that we are happy to work with our patients to make our services financially accessible.

Financial Assistance:

If you have financial concerns, please don't hesitate to reach out. Our team is ready to discuss flexible payment options and potential financial assistance programs. Your health is our priority, and we want to ensure that it is not compromised due to financial constraints.

Easy Payment Plans:

We offer convenient and flexible payment plans to accommodate your budget. Our goal is to eliminate barriers to receiving the care you need and deserve.

For further assistance or to discuss your specific situation, feel free to contact our billing and financial services team. We are here to support you every step of the way.

On average, how long do programs last at GIA?

All that is decided based on your requirements and objectives for your health journey. Some clients may only want to join GIA for a few weeks or a month, while others may wish to continue attending indefinitely. We will recommend a program length that we believe is ideal for you based on your entire evaluation. We'll work with you to make the program fit your schedule and preferences.

Do I need to come in every day?

All of this is often determined by your specific requirements and objectives. We frequently request clients to come in every day during the first week. After that, we usually ask clients to come in once or twice per-week. We'll work with you to fit your schedule and locate the most suitable times for you.

Do you offer any education or support for families of patients?

Yes! When a family or friend requires mental health education, we also provide mental health education for families and friends as well as family and relationship therapy sessions when they are clinically indicated.

Do you have Spanish language services?

Yes, we do! Several of our team members, including our clinical director and TMS director, speak Spanish.

Do you offer residential programs?

We do not presently provide residential programs. We are, however, always happy to share a list of local centers that provide specialized treatment at a residential level. If you wish to pursue therapy at GIA following a residential program, we will also work with any facility you choose.

If I live out of state, can you help with accommodation and/or arranging flights to and from Chicago?

Yes! Our Concierge Clinical Coordinator will help with fulfilling all of your needs.

Can I start the diagnostics program and treatment at GIA and then continue elsewhere, or see other doctors?

Yes, we can provide just the diagnostic component at GIA, this includes a psychological evaluation, medical/neurological evaluation, and bloodwork. If you've started your treatment at GIA and need to move on, we'd be delighted to collaborate with you to find new providers or work with your next provider to assist you in receiving the care you require and deserve.

My family member and/or loved one needs help. How can we connect them to GIA?

Please contact our team at (312) 312-3867. We will to schedule a free consultation as soon as possible.

Do you do home visits, or remote telehealth visits?

While we do not provide home visits at this time, we certainly offer most of our services via telehealth.

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